Thursday, September 2, 2010

day two

painting people's faces always proves to be challenging. normally, i would never give myself a couple hours to paint 2 people who i know. however, i'm trying new things for the next 364 days, so i painted two of most beautiful people i know. i was on the phone with nicole today & she joked that i should paint her. i didn't have another idea, so i agreed. if you know nicole, you would know that it's tough to paint her without her other half. so, nicole & graham, here ya go! it's not perfect, but it's yall.

[nicole & graham are a straight-shootin, truth-talkin couple. they always have kind words and are some of my biggest cheerleaders. if you ever find yourself in the NoVa/DC area & need somewhere to stay, they'll welcome you with hugs.]


  1. Now, I didn't read the whole thing—once I got to the "two most beautiful people I know" I skipped straight to the painting to see what I looked like. I think there must be some sort of mistake, though, because I don't currently have any facial hair...

  2. I am impressed, Tiffany. You captured depth and closeness, personality and appearance, lights and shadows, character and emotion. Excellent work - and extra kudos for tackling such a vulnerable area.

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  4. @amy & shyla- thanks so much. they're beautiful but weren't easy to paint!

    @david- i'm sorry to disappoint...

    @nicole- they're even hotter in person!

  5. I must say that from the brief mtg. I had with Nicole and Graham that you really captured what they look like! Crazy! Great job Tiff.