Tuesday, September 14, 2010

day fourteen

2 weeks in, & i still feel enthusiastic... only 351 days left!

it's a day late being posted, but here it is...

you might recognize part of this painting as one of the kite boys from day six, and the rest of the painting is a photograph of friends.

it's still very unfinished, and i've decided that i do not enjoy painting on paper.

11x11" acrylic on canvas paper


  1. It's funny how big a difference color makes, isn't it? All of this is very cool, uncomfortably so for me. And so, while the subject matter is pleasant enough, the mood is rather disturbing.

    I was thinking last night, you might like some constructive criticism at times. ???

  2. is that greenslit & i? in DC in december 2005? waiting for the subway?

  3. @shyla- i LOVE constructive criticism. thanks for all your comments- they're helpful! i knew halfway through this one that it needed some warmth, but i didn't want to spend the time adding it. it is disturbing, & not in a good way.