Friday, September 17, 2010

day seventeen

i had a good day today, very artful.  my only regret is not painting this morning so i had my friday night free! still, i managed to spend time with friends at the gallery crawl in NoDa & hear a snippet of a really great band, The Small Ponds, at the Evening Muse.

tonight's has to be one of my personal favorite paintings... partly because of the subject matter & partly because it looks more like my style... broader, sketchier brush strokes. and it's the largest painting i've done for this project, which is much more comfortable for me.

if you weren't aware of this already, my last year in college was spent researching elephants- mostly their physical & behavioral characteristics. they're interesting beasts. this painting, my friends, is of an African elephant, which i believe are much more attractive than the Asian species. (i like the dip in their backs!) when i was doing an outreach in S.Africa, i was fortunate enough to go on a safari & that's where this elephant's photo was taken.

3 x 2' acrylic on MDF


  1. I love, love, love it this is my fav.

  2. @amy- thanks!
    @aunt cindy- no kites this time...
    @amanda- do you have a last name? :)

  3. knew exactly what elephant that was :) really enjoying your blog... hope you're doing well friend!

  4. How did you know elephants are my favorite

    If you choose to sell this one I'm calling dibs

  5. okay i can life with that nicole