Saturday, September 18, 2010

day eighteen

isn't eighteen a funny word? i always thought it strange when the english language sometimes drops a letter when it's repeated. what's the difference between eighteen & misspelling?? it should either be eightteen or mispelling.

anyways, shout-out to day three's star, miss lake. today, she celebrated her 58th birthday! i went out to the old 'hood to sing, deliver a cake, & hang out in the street. although i don't really miss living there, i miss that lady. as much grief as she gave me & C, she brought us so much joy & laughter (& good stories!).

this painting is of my Mamaw & Papaw (grandparents) reading the story of Jesus' birth at our family Christmas. let's just say that i'm looking forward to growing older because of my genes. my grandparents who i've featured (Nana, Mamaw, & Papaw) are all beautiful, love the Lord & are such heroes of the faith. not to be forgotten is my great-grandmother, NanNan, who is a prayer warrior. i only hope to one day know the Lord like they do!
18x24" acrylic on wood


  1. I love the contemplative look as your Papaw listens as your Mamaw reads...

  2. They don't really look that old!