Monday, September 13, 2010

day twelve

allow me to be real with you-

this one is more of a quick* sketch with paint. i mean, it's still a painting of course, but when i try to draw with a paint brush, it takes me 3x as long to complete than it would with pastels, pencils, conte, or charcoal. (*quick is relative)

with that said, my post is late. don't you love how i feel the need to have excuses for my late posts?

nevertheless, my journey continues.... in light of Grandparents Day, this is a painting of my Papaw grilling out on the 4th of July. some of the colors aren't true to life and can be misleading, but that lime green in the top-left quadrant is actually Lake Norman... i just didn't paint it blue. cool story: my grandparents (my mom's family) lived on Lake Norman before it was even dug out. you can still feel the foundations of old houses & pick up asphalt underneath the lake at my grandparents' house. it's pretty obvious this isn't finished, but i was getting sleepy.

9x12" acrylic on watercolor paper.