Wednesday, September 22, 2010

day twenty-one

whew! tonight's painting took a little longer than expected because i also watched last night's episode of jimmy fallon. on a related note, a guy (Cory) who i worked with at camp lurecrest now (unbeknownst to me) works for jimmy fallon. while i was watching, i saw him in this clip.

this painting was done on a piece of wood that i've used for a palette before. if you're curious, i use a myriad of different paint palettes. for oils, i generally use my wood palette with a thumb hole. however, for acrylics, i use just about anything. i tried the wet palette created especially to keep paints from drying out as quickly, but it was too much work for me. :)

this is from an old picture of my Mamaw. the best part about it is what she's wearing. it's a strapless little romper with so many ruffles... i guess it could've been a bathing suit because it's a little short, but i totally want one right now.

12x12" acrylic on wood


  1. This is really creative. It's almost like she's floating on that picnic blanket with the dog leaping through the air to her. And I love the flowery, balloon effect of the colors above.

  2. I knew as soon as I saw it. That's Pepper (the dog). What's funny is since the yellow is so sparse in your painting, it looks like Mama has on a very skimpy bathing suit!