Saturday, September 11, 2010

day ten

disclaimer: if all of you functioned on the same schedule as i do, then you would realize that posting at 12:40am is a reasonable hour.  if you haven't realized yet, i'm quite the night owl & enjoy burning the midnight oil. so there- that's my excuse for posting late. :)

today, i drove down to the beach to spend time with my Nana. she's sweet and we ate a late dinner & talked for a while, so it took me a while before i could paint.

this painting is from a photo of a teenage girl i took in the mountains. it's acrylic, but very watercolor-y.

9x12" acrylic on watercolor paper.


  1. btw- which caroline is this?

    @shyla- thanks!

  2. your amazing tiff tiff!!! i wish i was half the painter/person you are. I are you going to sell some of these or let them clutter your house because i would love to have one or a few.

  3. @jilly~ let me know which ones you're liking. :)