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it all started back when i saw Julie & Julia... about one woman's goal to go through Julia Child's whole recipe book. that definitely struck a chord in me, because i rarely finish ANYTHING i begin. and, frankly, i blame it on my personality type.

then, i landed upon a blog about a girl who is making 365 new dresses (or garments) in 365 days with $365. again, this struck a chord. more than that, though, i was inspired and challenged. it seemed tangible for me to do the same, but in something i enjoy.

the mission: to paint for 365 days. (I took the month of March off, so the project year will be from September 1, 2010 until around September 30, 2011.)

as an art major, i feel like this is sheer madness, since on average, i spent 2 weeks & HOURS immersed in a single painting. however, the goal isn't to create masterpieces- it's simply to create. great or not-so-great, i will be painting.

i hope you enjoy the journey!

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