Saturday, April 2, 2011

day one hundred eighty-three

This weekend has been wonderful. I was able to do some great activities around DC:  drank coffee under the cherry blossoms by the Tidal Basin Friday night with my boyfriend and also drove out to Lucketts and walked away with an old coffee table book about French paintings during the Impressionist era.  Although transitions and change are difficult, I am feeling more and more at home around here. And, I'm very thankful for that. The Lord has been really gracious to me.

So, today's painting is of a grapefruit! I had half a grapefruit leftover from a salad I made the other night. Might I add that it's an awfully sweet & yummy grapefruit; I can't wait to eat the rest of it!!  Back to the painting - I'm not crazy about it. I messed up the ellipse pretty soon and just couldn't recover the shape of the fruit. I think it still looks appetizing, though. :)

6x7" watercolor