Monday, August 30, 2010

what will i do with all the paintings?

so, wednesday's the inauguration of my endeavor. i'm a bit nervous about inspiration; however, i began to organize my workspace tonight, so i know that i'm more excited than anything!

the most frequent question i've been asked is "tiff, what will you do with all those paintings?"

now, that's a really good question! my answer? I HAVE NO IDEA. i have some bare walls in my house and lots of friends and family nearby, so i may loan them out when my place gets too cluttered. what i do with the paintings also depends on the general direction they take. for instance, if i'm not proud of the first 100, then i doubt i'll show or sell them. but if i do end up with some that i really love, i hope to show them and sell them.

feedback is always welcome!

see you all in a couple days with my first new painting!!

(and hello & thank you to my new subscribers!)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

thank you

just want to say hello to my two followers so far.

i hope more of you will choose to subscribe & follow my journey of painting one a day for a year. to be honest, i'm extremely nervous about this challenge, but i'm also very excited to have your support.

additionally, if you have any ideas of paintings, send them my way. however, this does not guarantee that i will use your idea.

stay tuned, 5 more days until i begin!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

first post

hello there, & welcome to the page on which i will be posting my new project.

it all started back when i saw Julie & Julia... about one woman's goal to go through Julia Child's whole recipe book. that definitely struck a chord in me, because i rarely finish ANYTHING i begin. and, frankly, i blame it on my personality type (ENFP).

then, just recently, i landed upon this blog... about a girl who is making 365 new dresses (or garments) in 365 days with $365. again, this struck a chord. more than that, though, i was inspired and challenged. it seemed tangible for me to do the same, but in something i enjoy.

the mission: starting september 1st, i plan to create 365 new paintings in 365 days.

as an art major, i feel like this is sheer madness, since on average, i spent 2 weeks & HOURS immersed in a single painting. however, the goal isn't to create masterpieces- it's simply to create. great or not-so-great, i will be painting.

anyways, to hold me accountable, i plan to take a picture of each one & post it on here by midnight on that day. i hope you enjoy the journey!