Wednesday, September 22, 2010

day twenty-two

hi friends!!

this is a painting from a photo of some little boys i took in South Africa. when i was there for a couple months, i had some unique opportunities... for one week, we went a did some physical labor around a camp of homes for orphaned kids. it was especially neat because each home had a married couple who were the father & mother to these orphans. many of the kids were "dropped off" and infected with HIV, but were nursed to health so the disease didn't progress to HIV-AIDS. it was pretty incredible to be there.

read more about Bethesda Ministries here.

9x12" acrylic on canvas paper


  1. Remember the cussing compost?? HA!!

  2. ooooh i love this one! that's a great yellow/green color. and the little boys are presh.

  3. Your choice of colors provides such contrast, the light of hope with the dark of daily difficulty. And the smallness of the boys, coupled with the fact that they are eating emphasizes their vulnerability. Very touching.