Friday, September 10, 2010

day nine

this painting, my friends, took me way too long.... i re-painted this little boy's face about 15 times. finally, i decided to just not paint any details.

if you can't tell, it's a little boy on a rope swing. again, it's adapted from one of my photos. also, the original painting was an oil painting i began 3 years ago & never finished, hence all the paint texture/ buildup.

also, wish me luck this weekend! i'm going out of town, but still planning on painting while i'm away... hopefully, it won't be a disaster!

20x16" acrylic on canvas.


  1. What an unusual vantage point, Tiff. But absolutely perfect for capturing the feel of swinging. Don't we all remember the pleasure of just relaxing into it, letting our minds wander?


  2. tiff this ones my favorite so far! and the texture makes it even better. Great job my friend! - mary candice

  3. Yes, this one is my favorite so far too. It is amazing.

  4. i love this! and i love following this project!

  5. i love this one. very unique!