Sunday, September 5, 2010

day four

hi friends!

i'm 6 minutes late, but i had a busy day! i was on the lake most of the day, ate chinese & watched Breakfast at Tiffany's, and just got a late start to my painting! (time management is not my forte!)

[another poor quality picture, but i found my camera battery & will be posting better photos soon!]

this one was quite a process & has many layers... once again, it is a kite! but it's ridin' S-O-L-O (thank you, jason derulo!)... in its former state, the kite looked like it had a really bad camouflage disease. now, it looks like it's flyyyyyinggggg through the sky.

also, today, i did some research on kites... which will be posted at a later date.

& keep the comments rollin' in........


  1. Sorry- I did little to help your time management! haha. This one's title is "Flyin' Solo" and I would like you to give it to me. haha! I like this one!
    Megan Leap

  2. i wake up each morning pumped to see what you have created. thanks tiff for sharing this process. SO FUN!

  3. does chris brown sing that? hmm

  4. good point, renee... chris brown sings a song "flyin solo" but that's not the one i was referencing. that's what happens when i try to quote a song i barely know. i stand corrected.