Sunday, September 12, 2010

day eleven

this one's a bit different i think... or maybe it feels that way to me because i spent half the usual time on it.

i used a photo of my mother in high school. i was drawn to this photo of her because she looks like she was caught off-guard, with her half-smile. i think it's just classic and is a great picture of the hairstyle transition taking place in the late 70s/early 80s. think farrah fawcett meets madonna.

some words that i associate with my momma: hard-worker, servant, kind, harley-davidson, family, patient, clean, organized, on time, young, mother.

12"square. acrylic on wood.


  1. I bet your Mama really loved seeing this one, both the painting and the words of description. A very sweet tribute.

  2. Before I read your description - my first thought was "that looks like Patti". Guess I was right.
    When r u doing one of me?

  3. oh to have that youthful glow once again!! you are a sweetheart! love you