Tuesday, September 14, 2010

day thirteen

i tried something new tonight... and i don't really care for it. however, i promised to post, so here it is.

it's a really sweet photo of my Nana & dad dancing at my cousin's wedding. i'm not sure why i would paint something i could just photoshop for the same effect. that's the last time i'm trying that! oh, and the new thing i tried was watercolor.... now, i've painted with watercolors before, but not in such a literal way. watercoloring faces is TOUGH.
9x12" watercolor on watercolor paper


  1. I agree, Tiff. I never really had much respect for watercolors - until I took a class in them. Now I have great appreciation for all that goes into a well done piece. I like the focus and uncluttered nature of this piece.

  2. nana would appreciate this!

  3. It would make a nice present for Nana!