Thursday, September 16, 2010

day fifteen

hi friends!! to let you in my life a little, i must confess that today i pulled away from the gas pump with the gas nozzle still in my car! i pulled the hose right off the pump! it was crazy & extremely embarrassing to tell the manager what i had done. thankfully, no damage was done to my car & i didn't have to pay for the pump repair.

on this lovely evening, i bring you a photo i took pretty recently (with some modifications, of course) of a little one running. she was so sweet in her cute dress.

i used a (yellow) monochromatic color scheme (except for magenta in the shoes & kite).

15x15" acrylic on wood


  1. That sounds just like something I would do! ;D Glad all ended well.

    I love this one, Tiff. The storybook lift to the hill, the brightness of the child, and the cheery red in both her shoes and the kite. Wonderful choices, and so sweetly conveyed.

  2. Tiff, I've done the whole driving away with the gas pump in the car thing too! I love this project and I look forward to seeing what you have done in the wee hours of the night every day.