Wednesday, September 1, 2010

day one

okay, i just spent the last 30 minutes trying to take a good picture of the painting, and it's extremely difficult. this is the best photo i took. sorry for the poor quality- i should get way better at it!

this is how my mind has been feeling for the past 2 months. plus, there are some kites... which is my tribute to another (sketchbook) project i'm working on. [that's to be discussed later]. also, i have a feeling most of my paintings will be unfinished like this one. sometimes it's easier to work on multiple paintings at one time. as i continue to paint, the more inspired i hope to become.

thanks for looking!


  1. i think it looks great! an amazing start to such a huge endeavor.
    an idea i'll throw your way (and i know you don't have to use it, but just thought i would give it to ya) is how i've been learning to trust the Lord during this time of my life. i feel like there is a huge black abyss before me and that i'm walking a thin tightrope across that abyss. at any point i can fall, but i know that i won't. i have confidence that i wont. your magic and think that out more ;) love ya!

  2. i love this, tiff! it's very joyful. and makes me wanna go fly a kite!

  3. @whit- thanks, i'll keep your idea in mind. :)

    @nee- thanks, gina! go fly yourself a kite then.... shoooot,

  4. Tiffany! This is amazing! I just found your blog via facebook and am so excited to see what paintings come out of your brilliant, unique mind! LOVE! Amie (Furry) Berryhill

  5. ohh my! this is one of my favorites. :)