Sunday, September 19, 2010

day nineteen

happy sunday! i hope yours wasn't nearly as busy as mine. although at times it was restful & very productive, i just didn't get a break. as i was staining my front porch & deck today, i almost took a picture & posted it as my painting for the day. do not despair, though, my dear friends... i painted something else!

i started this one with a very different result in mind. my hands just got away from me, & it looks much like self-portraits i did in college. now that i've got that out of the way, i can move on to different techniques! this was painted using a mirror, old green & peach house paints, & vine charcoal. i drew myself, painted, then drew back over the painting. then i got tired of myself & just stopped.

this is a very unrefined self-portrait. 
18x24" paint & charcoal on wood

1 comment:

  1. i like it and i never get tired of you!