Sunday, September 26, 2010

day twenty-five

hi! i enjoyed painting tonight to Nouvelle Vague (i especially enjoy Road to Nowhere). i usually listen to music while i paint.. either that or watch tv, but watching tv is pretty distracting. music is just good company.

today's painting is of my nephew at the beach... a simple watercolor, but he's so precious you don't need much more!

9x12" watercolor on canvas paper (SOLD)


  1. Oh Tiff, this is just PRECIOUS! I love the baby-soft color effect you did on the edges of the picture, so light and innocent. It sets your nephew off beautifully.

  2. this one has been bought!

  3. ha, it's yours, mom!

    shyla- i wish i painted it like that, but that was just my terrible photography skills! :)

  4. Love the reflection and that it looks like he's taking in the view of the ocean or something.

  5. This is one of my favorites