Tuesday, October 5, 2010

day thirty-four

hi friends!!

in college, i always wondered why people would paint something you could just take a picture of & then photoshop? however, now i see why. painting people the way you see them is a beautiful thing. i still prefer to paint in a more abstract way, even though my painting-a-days suggest otherwise.

so, tonight, we have a little boy with a kite, taken from a couple photos. it's one of the smallest paintings i've done to date, and it didn't take me long to paint-- but the planning took an hour! maybe watching TV didn't help my timing either. :)

5.5x6" watercolor on watercolor paper


  1. i love these watercolor pics

  2. Another WOW painting here, Tiffany. The light shines on his face and the back of his knees, shoots through the kite and parts of his t-shirt, reflects back up from below.