Sunday, October 24, 2010

day fifty-three

so far, i've had a wonderful weekend celebrating the my cousin Todd getting married to Ellyne! it was beautiful and special having so much of my family together. i'm looking forward to Thanksgiving now!

on another side note, i want to marry the lead singer from the band, Kings of Leon-- mostly for his voice. he serenaded me while i painted tonight. :)

on this painting, i only worked for less than 30 minutes. i was a bit tired when i began painting, so i rushed through it, and now i'm not sleepy, but i am tired of painting. haha...  when you see this, you might be thinking "but Tiffany, you already painted yourself this week. that's a bit vain..."  and my response to that observation would be, "dear friend, i knew i wouldn't spend much time on the painting, so if it was not so great, i'd rather it be of me than anyone else."

day 53 is of me doing a favorite pasttime of mine: making good espresso. i often miss being a barista- good espresso, unlimited coffee, great people, 50 quick conversations a day! i mean, if that doesn't sound like a great gig for me, i'm not sure what does!!

9x12" watercolor.