Tuesday, October 26, 2010

day fifty-five

hey hey heyyyy! today is brought to you by the number 5 and the letter A.

it is day 55.

and A is for APPLES! this is not only my favorite fruit (i eat at least one a day), but it is a very popular fruit for the fall. the taste of apple cider and clothes smelling of campfires are two things i really love during this season! on that note, i committed a painting-a-day first: a still-life! i went back to school tonight by setting up a still life of a bowl of apples with folds of fabric underneath, as well as a spotlight. i didn't however, compose this still-life well on the actual painting. i meant to put more focus on the apples and not the folds of fabric... oops!  & this one took me a little over an hour.

9x12" watercolor


  1. Very nice, Tiff. I like the depth of color, more intense than most of your pieces. Sometimes it is difficult to make a real distinction between brown and red, but you did it quite well. And I like the glisten of white on the apple near the front. Very nice.

  2. thanks, shyla... i always enjoy your comments. keep 'em comin'!