Sunday, October 31, 2010

day sixty

for the 60th day, your gift will not only be a painting, but will also be a picture of me from tonight! i went to a "halloween" party where nobody dressed up.......... except for me. i expected this turn out, but i was determined to dress up as something this year since i didn't last year! this isn't an accurate photo of my costume because i actually wore a black wig. after everyone left, i had the privilege to wear this special wig named "Gina." she belongs to a friend & makes many appearances.

9x12" watercolor


  1. so glad you dressed up! you know if i was home i would have been right there with you!

    and last year, even if you didn't dress up as something different, you were still a very important part of a joint costume! :) haha

  2. We missed you Caroline! Can't believe Gina made an appearance on the blog!

  3. hahaa! you're right, cara.

    meg, Gina gets around... you know how she is.