Thursday, October 21, 2010

day fifty

let's just say that this is a monumental day for me! if you know me even a little, you know that being this disciplined is really tough for me. i'm just thankful i've stuck with the project for 50 days!

today, i was inspired by an artist who influenced the art world in remarkable ways. there's a portrait of Pablo Picasso that i posed like, & then i painted the picture i took of myself. here's to you, Picasso, you're definitely one of my art heroes! (this sounds weird, i know, but tonight i wish i had more wrinkles to paint- my face looks kinda plain.)

i also did something i haven't done yet: painted over a previous painting. you can see a little of it in the top right corner, but eventually it will all be covered up. i simply did not like it so it seemed dumb to keep it. additionally, day 50 took me over 2 hours to complete.
22x28" acrylic on wood


  1. You may not have wrinkles, but you have shadows! You don't look as worried as he does.
    I rather like this one.

  2. You do realize it's my birthday on day 50?

  3. Great work Tiff! It is fun to see all the different inspirations...that and motivation are the hardest part of art. I remember Ms. Millsaps doing a similar project in high school and struggling to finish every day...but you are doing great cranking it out. You should definitely have a show at the end! Keep up the good work!
    ~Steph Hagens