Friday, October 22, 2010

day fifty-one

hiiiii!  if you've ever lived with me, you might know that i'm a bit of a pack-rat... especially when it comes to any art supplies- or potential art supplies (i currently have 2 wire screens that i plan to use one day)! so it goes without saying that when i was pillaging through one of my art bins tonight, i ran across a empty pad of good paper!  i think i'm in the mood for a watercolor tonight!

that paragraph was written before i began the painting... so what i'm posting is clearly unfinished, but i still kinda like it in its raw stage. i was literally falling asleep while painting it (sitting down). if you don't believe i can do that, just ask my old roomie who found me asleep in bed, upright, with my computer in my lap. once i've hit a wall, it's tough for me to push past it. now, this painting is the beginnings of a photo i took while at Camp Meeting a few years ago. it's a complicated tradition to describe, but you can read about it here. this is of the last day of the 2 weeks, when lots of kids & adults participate in a water fight.

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