Friday, December 10, 2010

day one hundred

i must admit that it was a bit anti-climatic to paint today. i was hoping to do some great piece, but nothing. tonight, a friend pointed out that doing just a normal painting today is fitting for the project... it's not about masterpieces- it's about the discipline. the same friend challenged me to paint the place i most desire to go right now... and not from any photo!  i apologize ahead of time, because it's not awesome. :)

i would really love to visit somewhere in northern africa- morocco or egypt. i love the colors, art, life, culture, and architecture in these areas. i know they're different countries, but i still imagine similar colors. in case you can't tell, i associate places with colors and shapes.  more than just colors and shapes, though, this painting has some deeper meaning.  it represents adventure, taking risks, dreaming. for some reason, i thought of these little blue tiles i've seen in the Alhambra in Granada, Spain and arches, a sandy color with reds. also, it's a little muddled because when you take risks, things just aren't clear!
9x5.5" watercolor