Saturday, December 25, 2010

day one hundred fifteen

merry christmas (eve)!  frankly, i almost didn't paint tonight. after wrapping gifts, i turned to my mom and asked, "would i get criticized if i just did 2 paintings tomorrow & skipped tonight?" she encouraged me to tell my followers that i had better things to do besides paint. and so my decision was made. 

however, i walked downstairs to my old room and saw the paint & paper laying on the floor and just couldn't skip tonight! quickly, i painted from a photo of my sister & bro-in-law dancing.

technically, it's already christmas morning, but i can't wait to wake up in 6 hours, eat breakfast, & give gifts to my family. it will be a wonderful day of old & new traditions and tons of family! i am thankful there is a day when we can meditate on and celebrate our Heavenly Father's precious gift to us- Jesus. Immanuel. God with us. praise the Lord.

4x6" watercolor

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