Sunday, December 26, 2010

day one hundred sixteen

happy last minutes of Christmas!! for some of my personal thoughts on Christmas, read this.

today's painting was inspired by 3 things:

1. the first white Christmas i have ever experienced! (it's also the first one since 1947) let's just say, it's beauuuuuuutiful outside. i love cold weather and snow... more than you can imagine.

2. my mom asking me to paint the snow.

3. a little flower girl from a wedding i was in recently. i asked the 5 year-old flower girl her favorite color, and her response was "snow." naturally, i asked how "snow" was different than white. she then gave the most beautiful color description i've ever heard: "snow is a very light blue- almost white- with tiny sparkles. " i told her i might have to copy her favorite color! i love kids!!

5x9" watercolor

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