Monday, December 27, 2010

day one hundred eighteen

i realized today that i did not pack enough watercolor paper for my holiday break! alas, i am a pack-rat and still have (too much) art stuff at home. i found some scrap canvas and used watercolor on it. it began more as a quick color experiment, began taking shape as a face, so i just made it resemble me. now i didn't use a photo or mirror for this one, so it's not quite exact. but i think it works because the medium is so muddy and abstract anyway. if i decided to display this, i may or may not stretch it. if i stretched it, though, that would take away around 1.5" on each side... which would make for a tiny painting and my nose would be the only thing left. :)

i'm also curious how watercolor paints hold up on canvas. it was unprimed, so they soaked in pretty well, but we shall see!

6x8" watercolor on canvas

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