Thursday, December 2, 2010

day ninety-two

feeling a little icky tonight. it's not a cold.... just icky. and i don't know a better adjective.

i decided to try something a bit different tonight. i've been dying to use this photograph of my Nana holding me as a bebe. i have it hanging up in my room. so, i washed out the color and printed it out. then, i did some spot coloring with watercolor. i guess it's more of a tinting.

in several of my paintings from college, i either screen printed or transferred print-outs on the canvas, so i was curious how that method would translate onto paper. also, because my watercolor paper is 9x12" and can't fit through my printer, i used a piece of heavy cardstock. all in all, it's not that great & i definitely like the photograph better. oh well!!

4x6" mixed media

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