Wednesday, November 3, 2010

day sixty-four

today i learned a valuable lesson: upon moving into a house with a new heating/cooling system, make sure both the A/C and heat are working.  i haven't needed to turn on my heat yet, but today was especially cold & my space heater just wasn't cutting it. so, i turn on my heat... and nothing happens! hopefully it will get fixed by the weekend. until then, i'm suited up in sweats and scarves and several blankets!

tonight, a friend and i were at Amelie's feeling extremely unmotivated. we talked mostly, even though she had a paper due and i was supposed to be painting. as i was drinking my coffee, i decided i should paint my coffee cup. now, i must admit that i totally botched the ellipse on the cup, but i didn't feel like correcting it. thus, it appears that i drank out of a wonky coffee cup- sorry!

12x9" watercolor, graphite