Thursday, November 11, 2010

day seventy-one

good evening, folks.  i feel like every year, i complain about the time change like it's something new. it's just gets dark so blasted early and throws my whole day off! and now i'm waking up before my alarm, which is never good! something you will not hear me complain about is the weather. yes, i'll whine when my bones ache because it's so cold outside, but i LOVE this weather, this season, in NC. it's beautiful.

tonight's painting is a work in progress, i guess. i worked on it longer than i normally do, because i was experimenting with some new watercolor brushes i bought. (if you paint with watercolors, you should really try a watercolor brush- it's fantastic!)  however, i did not really finish. i actually cropped out most of the unfinished parts! haha.  i especially like how the sidewalk turned out.
8x6" watercolor