Thursday, November 18, 2010

day seventy-eight

it has been a great day; i completed & sent out 2 commissioned works... and got many more inquiries. oh, the benefits of social networking!

tonight i was feeling a bit nostalgic, so i painted one of my favorite photos of myself! i am 2 or 3 maybe, and "playing" soccer in my grandparents' backyard. they've always lived on the lake, and i have so many memories of sitting on the shore, making little bowls from the red clay and watching them bake in the sun. when it was time to leave, we had to be hosed off and get completely dry before we went inside to change clothes. so, my cousins, older sister, and i would run laps around the house to dry off quickly.

So, i will leave you with a short lyric that this day has reminded me of (from the band i saw last night-- The Weepies!!)... 

Empty your hands and look up

6x9" watercolor


  1. love you and you were adorable at that age!

  2. love this! look at those adorable little legs!

  3. The Weepies were great last night at the Variety. I had to stand up for the whole show, but it was still fantastic. Remember me ... the guy with the glasses?

  4. Thanks, mom and jess!
    And, jimk, I'm not sure I recognize you...