Saturday, November 13, 2010

day seventy-three

happy weekend!!

call me lazy, call me tired, call me deep, call me whatever you want... but i did another "out of control" painting like day 70.  i will admit that i enjoyed the process and end result much better, but it still feels very out of my control....  what's a girl to do!?

i scavenged through all the photos i have in my possession with no success in finding the "right one" to paint tonight.... and it was already midnight when i finished! so, i decided to have a little fun.

9x12" latex paint on watercolor paper


  1. I like this one! Can I buy it?

  2. Fun! Like looking downward into straw. I love the color combination of white and carmel.

  3. I really really want this one

  4. oooh i like this one alot. i like the abstract ones. if the person above doesn't buy this one...can i?