Tuesday, November 9, 2010

day seventy.

hey! today's post is a bit unusual for me. short story: i got called out on my perfectionism & need to control today, so i thought i'd experiment a little with lack of control in one area of my life- tonight's painting. i did not enjoy the process or result; it was painful, actually.

my process: i just took cans of paint and poured them onto the paper (lying on the ground). i used a paint brush for the white paint because it was pouring too slowly. then, i took yellow spray paint and covered the painting.  i suppose it's Pollock-esque, but i have a hard time even remotely comparing this garbage to Pollock. he was a genius. nevertheless, it was a release for me, took off some self-afflicted stress, and was kinda fun. :)

my result: this yellow-tinted mess on a small piece of paper (what was i thinking?!) that is so thick it will take 2 weeks to dry.

9x12" acrylic on watercolor paper


  1. it's different for you~but also unique, like you :) it reminds me of the paintings i saw in homearama this year

  2. i REALLY like it. i'm diggin' the mustard yellow!!

  3. this ones my favorite, its a lot like my style. PS i want this one

  4. jill, you should ask your parents to buy it. :)