Wednesday, January 5, 2011

day one hundred twenty-seven

hi! i was either going to take a short nap at 8pm, or paint early & go to sleep. to most of you, it may seem like an easy decision, but i debated it. i really do enjoy staying up late, but i haven't been getting much sleep lately (5:30am comes early!), so i figured i'd retire early tonight. 

i had no intentions on the flowers being a series, but i have several small paper samples and the flowers fit so nicely on them. maybe one day i'll go buy some real flowers to paint. :)  also, i spent a good chunk of time on this one. granted, i was doing 5 other things at the same time, but spent around 1.5 hours on it.

a couple notes: it's hard to mess up a flower... they're one of the most beautiful subjects. and this painting looks better from far away.

3.5x4.5" watercolor

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